Writing a blog for the 1st time

Blog posts have surged in the digital marketing industry because of its ability to connect with customers in an informal way and provide insight into topics. Here are a few things to get you started.

Identify your audience: Decide who you’re trying to reach and what is the purpose of the post. Target the needs of your industry and write topics that are engaging to your readers. Readers want to feel that your blogs provide them with a benefit and you understand their needs. Use industry lingo to relate to the audience and be authentic.

Be personal & informative: You want to gain a connection with your readers. If your posts are just generic details with no personal opinions, the content becomes stale and unappealing to readers. Ask yourself if you think the content is useful to readers, in addition, ask for feedback. See what your readers have to say about your work and make adjustments.

CTA (call to action): Ultimately, the purpose of this blog is to gain a following and convert them to customers. Use this opportunity to get your readers to perform the desired action you want. Do not abuse this privilege because overselling and treating readers like sales leads might backfire.

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