How we created content using spelling errors

This is the story of how a simple spelling mistake turned into a fun agency-wide slogan for everyone. A few months ago, Mike Agency was considering re-branding and creating a new identity for the digital marketing agency to innovate and stay competitive. The idea was to show our audience our professional, yet, fun and laid-back approach to digital marketing and make that the cornerstone of the business.  The only problem … nobody could come up with a good slogan.  We’re all very familiar with ads and catchphrases when it comes to things we like, but the moment it came to our own agency, we had nothing. Until one of the writer’s decided we’re overthinking this, and simply put out 3 simple words on paper: Hardcore, Savage, Famous.

At the moment, we didn’t really get it, but somehow, we all felt it could work and went lightspeed towards the ideas/creation stage with this new magnificent slogan. The creative team went into a frenzy with meetings, emails, web design concepts, basically everything imaginable! We sent the new creative concepts over to our web design team and thought it was all done. Although, that original handwritten paper with the words Hardcore, Savage wasn’t necessarily written to clearly (aka chicken scratch) and someone attached it as the final message for the web design team. So, when we got the final web designs back it surprisingly read Hardcone, Scuage, Femoos.

Obviously, everyone was confused and scrambling about what to do next. Some people laughed, some people thought it was cool, and some just didn’t know what to do. The final decision … let’s go with it! We kept the concepts and proceed with our branding rollout plans.  Setup the photoshoot, bought some popcorn, a Second Cup voucher and started creating content. Afterwards, the web design team updated our website with the correct words, but we started to like the spelling mistake and used it all around our office going forward as an inside joke. Ultimately, this kept our agency fun, creative, and stayed true to our original idea of being a laid back, professional, digital marketing agency.

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